Revitalize your home: Let your family breathe fresh air and sleep like babies

In only 3 hours, our team will clean your air condition ducts, mattresses, sofas, carpets and curtains, with our latest Dry Steam Technology. You can sit down and put your legs up, while we make your home steril again.


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What our customers say:


Do you know one of the following situations?

Since you bought your mattress, sofas, carpets or similar you never really sanitized them

Sometimes it happened that some drink or food was spilled by you or your kids but you only quickly rubbed it off instead of making sure that 100% of bacteria is removed.

Sometimes, when you are in your home you notice some unpleasant smells or sometimes see pests running around in your home. 

Also your AC is often running and your kids sometimes randomly cough or get sick for no obvious reason.

You know you need to clean your upholstery but you just did not have the time or motivation to do it. 

You know that if upholstery is not sanitized, bacteria, viruses will spread and bugs build their nests in them.

The AC and water tank of your home is only cleaned rarely or not at all. 

You know that it’s important to have it sanitized as you are drinking water daily, affecting your health. 

If you take a look at the AC duct, you already see some dust on there.

You know that it’s important to have AC ducts sanitized as you are breathing the air daily. 


What are your benefits when we service your home?

You will feel better

You know the smell and feel when you put on fresh cloth?

This is what you and your family will experience when we service your home. Your mattress, sofas and carpets will feel softer, fresh and smell good - letting you feel comfortable, relaxed and at home. In addition: when we do pest control for you, future infestations will be prevented which will enhance your well being.

You improve your health

How often do you breath in daily? More than 23,000 times! If the air quality at your home is bad - will this affect you?
It sure does.
Also, did you know your mattress hosts up to 5 million bacteria?
When we clean your home, you and your family breath clean air, enjoy a good nights sleep and feel healthy and energized.

You can enjoy being home again

When we clean your upholstery your home will look vibrant and the surfaces feel clean, making it a joyful place again.
We will not disturb you daily schedule - our expert cleaning team only takes 6 hours until your home is deeply clean.


Why should you consider us to clean your home?

Dear Home Owner,

My name is Dany, owner of Home Care UAE – at the end of this text I have an invitation for you.

For nearly a decade, we’ve been sanitizing homes across Dubai and the UAE to ensure they are healthy, comfortable, and inviting

You know the feeling when you had a long exhausting day, open the door to your home and everything is clean, welcoming, and smells pleasant?

That’s the feeling we want to create for you.

Whether you want to ensure your home is free from dirt, bugs and bacteria, you want your family to breathe clean air and feel comfortable, or simply to save your time – my team and I can support you. 

We’ve helped more than 7,000 customers transform their homes into healthier and more inviting spaces with our sanitization and Pest Control services.

I invite you to use our limited time offer for a full home clean in just 6 hours.

Just click on the button below now. 

I am looking forward to talk to you!


Here is an overview of all of our services:

Water Tank Cleaning

Our expert team ensures that your water storage systems are free from contaminants and sediments. We prioritize the health and efficiency of your water systems, aiming to provide a safer, cleaner water supply.

Upholstery Cleaning

We cleanse and refresh your upholstery with deep cleaning and sanitizing services for sofas, carpets, and curtains. Our approach includes vacuuming, shampooing, and high-temperature steam methods to remove dust, stains, and allergens effectively, leaving your items spotlessly clean and hygienically safe.

AC Duct Cleaning

Our experts specialize in AC duct cleaning, improving air quality and system efficiency. We also offer AC repair, plumbing, electrical work, tile installation, painting, and general handyman services.

Mattress Cleaning and Sanitizing

Our mattress cleaning services remove bacteria, dust, and mites from mattresses of all common sizes. This service includes deep vacuuming, shampooing for stain removal, ultraviolet light for disinfection, and steam cleaning to eliminate deep-seated dirt and allergens. The result is a thoroughly sanitized and refreshed mattress, free from harmful microorganisms and allergens, ensuring a clean and healthy sleeping environment.

Pest Control

With our organic pest control services, we ensure the safety of pregnant individuals, children, and pets while treating infestations. Our team conducts thorough inspections, applies the safest treatment methods, and does a comprehensive follow-up to maintain pest-free environments, protecting your home against common pests such as ants, flies, cockroaches, and more.


What happens if you decide to work together with us?

1. Leave your information

Get a customized cost estimate for cleaning your home or contact us directly. After that we will get in touch with you.

2. First call

If a first call, we discuss all your potential questions and we show you what we will do to clean your home.

3. We clean

Once all your questions are answered and you want us to go ahead, we schedule an appointment. Then our team conducts your requested services.

4. Your feedback

After we are done with our services and cleaning, you give us your feedback how you like the result. If you are happy, we are happy too!

Frequently Asked Question

Why request your home sanitization now and not wait until tomorrow?

Every day you and, if you have, your family breath in bad air and sleep on mattresses that are full of bacteria affecting how you feel

The earlier we deep clean your home, the earlier you can enjoy your clean, pleasantly smelling and healthy home again. So why wait?