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providing pest control, cleaning and sanitizing solutions for wide range of facilities, with many fields and industries.

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Commercial pest control services

providing comprehensive commercial pest control services solutions. for all Types of Facilities and properties like office buildings, manufacturing facilities, restaurants, warehouses etc,
with many fields like food, Healthcare, hospitality, education and other. we has the experience and knowledge to protect your business from insects, pests and their effect to your business.
UV Medical Device scanner
home in or an office, clinic or school, we provide professional commercial cleaning and sanitizing services that help promote healthy work environments and keep your properties safe.

Keep your facility clean and free from germs, bacteria and viruses.

Cleaning using physical techniques to remove stains visible debris, dirt and dust, from surfaces and objects before the disinfection and sanitizing.
Disinfection to kill germs on surfaces or things, this process kills surface pathogens like the flu. To help prevent the spread of infection.
Sterilization surfaces and fogging to reduce the number of germs on surfaces, objects and the air to a safe level.

Products are anti viral and also effective on COVID-19 and the corona virus family overall.