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Mattress deep cleaning & sanitizing

Clear your mattress from bacteria, dust and dust mites with the latest methods and technology.

Mattress Cleaning, types and sizes

providing Cleaning and sanitizing service for all common types of mattresses and sizes.king, queen, Single and baby size.

Mattress Cleaning methods

Best methods for cleaning with Hygienic cleaning, by removing hard stains by shampooing,removing deep and hard to reach dust and dirt’s, and sanitizing by UV light and dry steam.
Deep vacuum

Mattresses Deep Vacuum

Deep vacuum mattress and bed using US Kirby machine to remove all dust, skin and hair.

Mattress shampooing

Mattresses Shampooing

Remove stains with shampoo if needed. its not recommend for mattresses, we prefer the dry clean for mattress and keep it away from being wet, because that may cause mold and odor.

UV Light

Mattresses Ultraviolet light

We use UV Medical Device To scan the mattress, pillows and quilt, an alternative to sunlight eliminates 100% of dust mites, bacteria, bed bugs and mold.

Organic pest control

Mattresses Steam

Sterilization using dry, high-temperature steam So as to leave the mattress pure and free of bacteria, dust mites and bed bugs.

Regular Mattress cleaning

providing regular Mattress cleaning, as needed basis on contract, or one time service.

Mattress Cleaning products

Using Dubai Municipality approved and non toxic products.

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