Safe & Healthy Environment

Organic Pest control

Organic pest control using latest solutions and methods, with Green non-toxic products and chemicals free.

Organic treatment solutions

treatment solutions far away of chemicals, to get rid of insects and pests, using UV light, high temperature dry steam and traps.
UV Medical Device scanner

Green and non-toxic products

Natural, Green, non-toxic, chemicals free and natural products and pesticides, include many essential oils, like peppermint and citronella that approved by Dubai Municipality.

Pest Control service Location

We deliver our pest control service Dubai and Sharjah  

Environmentally friendly

Solutions that reduce the potential risks or harm to people and the environment, which are

Safe for Pregnancy

by using solutions, methods and products that is safe for pregnancy.


Safe for Young Children, Babies and Toddlers

using solutions, methods and products far away of chemicals and pesticide to avoid harming of child’s and babies and toddlers.


Pet friendly

Pet friendly solutions and products, that away of harming pets.

Guaranteed service

treatment need between 5 to 7 days to be effective, any appearing for insects during one month after treatment just notice and we follow up for free.