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Bed bug treatment
Do you sometimes feel itchy or bite and not sure why?

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Are you afraid of bed bugs and traditional treatment where furniture is sprayed with pesticides which are not safe and require cleaning and leaving the house?

With Home Care bed bug treatment is free of chemicals.


Deep vacuum

We do a deep vacuum for all infected places to remove bed bugs and eggs, as the pesticides are unable to kill these eggs.


We use the polti Steam Device, with Super-heated dry steam up to 180 degrees C, which can kill bed bugs and eggs in seconds.

Hiding places

Close cracks and insect hiding places.


treatment need between 5 to 7 days to be effective, any appearing for insects during one month after treatment just notice and we follow up for free.

So no need to leave the house and do not need to clean and do not worry, as the treatment is safe for children, pregnant women and pets


The dry, superheated steam of Cimex Eradicator kills 90% of bed bugs and 100% of eggs at the first passage. With HPMed it can also eliminate the typical smell of these insects. Its efficacy has been tested by Pest 2000 and PEST 3000.


Cimex Eradicator does not require the use of insecticides and the mixture of steam and HPMed can even be dispensed with people present.


At the end of operations premises can be reused immediately.