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Cockroach Control
Cockroaches can spoil the property, harming health and spreading germs and bacteria.

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Cockroaches look like

Cockroaches length can arrive about 5 cm, with 2 long antennae and 6 legs and some have wings.
from about 30 different species of cockroaches, there only 4 known to be pests.

Cockroaches ways to enter

Cockroaches enter your home in many ways, from the outside through cracks and crevices, vents, sewer and drain pipes.

Cockroaches Ideal Environment

Food, warmth, water and nesting places, will be the ideal environment for cockroaches they can remain active all the year round.

Cockroaches Reproduction

Cockroaches reproduce quickly. For every one you can see, there will can be to many hiding in the unseen sites. Because cockroaches typically are nocturnal, if you see cockroach by day possibly mean of sever infestation.

Cockroaches Allergies

cockroaches always leave behind traces of their existence. feces, saliva, and parts of their bodies that they shed or that fall off. these parts of a cockroach contain specific proteins or allergens that may cause allergies or can even trigger asthma symptoms. cockroaches can carry some serious diseases. Salmonella Ty-phi, which causes Typhoid, Poliomyelitis, which causes Polio, also They can cause Dysentery.

Cockroach Get rid

Cockroach situation differ from one to another, so we check the situation to design a program that fits, includes not only the treatment of the current problem, also finding the reasons that led to the occurrence of the problem and fix it.
follow-up and monitoring to keep the cockroaches away from your properties.