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Mosquito Control
Mosquitoes can transmit several dangerous illnesses to humans dangerous illnesses.

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Mosquitoes look like

Mosquitoes have one pair of wings, long thin legs, and have a prominent proboscis from their head.
The size of the adult mosquito ranges from 3 to 9 mm.

Mosquitoes ways to enter

Mosquitoes enter the house through open doors and windows, and hide in dark and out of sight places, and com out at night to for blood as food.
sometimes Mosquitoes found in under sinks or in closets and laundry rooms.

Mosquitoes Ideal Environment

At Home, dark and hidden areas some times under sinks or in closets and laundry rooms.
At Yard, Stagnant water is the appropriate environment for mosquitoes to breed, so areas near ponds, swamps, and pits that collect rainwater are susceptible to mosquitoes.
Some species of mosquitoes are active at different times of the day, but mosquitoes are usually active at sunset and during the night.

Mosquitoes Reproduction

Female Mosquitoes lay their eggs in standing pools of water,
this also includes man-made sources, such as ponds and buckets, as well as mud puddles.
Egg numbers can be as much as over 100 eggs in a single laying.

How Serious Are Mosquitoes?

Mosquitoes may transmit dangerous diseases to humans, such as Zika virus, which may cause birth defects in the fetus if the pregnant infected, in addition to West Nile virus and various types of encephalitis.
These diseases may cause serious side effects,
According to a recent statement from the CDC, the number of diseases caused by mosquito bites has tripled between 2004 and 2016.

Get Rid of Mosquitoes

Mosquito treatment is an integrated process, includes treating causes such as the Ideal Environment and breeding places, that will attract mosquitoes to breed, and treat the eggs and Prevent it From Hatching, which will cause new mosquitoes.
Searching for mosquitoes hidden in out of sight places and eliminating them, and avoiding breeding.

Source Reduction

Check to know where mosquitoes can getting inside the home. Take action to exclude mosquitoes from getting inside. Eliminate any infected places inside.

Mosquito Treatments

treat mosquitoes rest places. Reducing mosquito breed within their watery environment. Prevent Eliminate eggs inside the water before eggs hatching time.